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Military Webcasts and Videos

Mitigating Soft Errors in DRAM Through Error Correction Code on SoC FPGAs
13 minutes

This webcast looks at how mitigating soft errors through error correction code (ECC) can improve your embedded designs.

Hans Spanjaart, Sr. Technical Marketing Manager

Implementing FPGA Design with OpenCL – A Future Look
15 minutes

Watch this webcast to find out about a new technology for FPGAs called OpenCL. You'll learn about the market drivers and embedded technology enablers, the benefits of using FPGAs as hardware accelators, and how OpenCL fits in an FPGA-based design environment.

Jordon Inkeles, Sr. Manager, Software and DSP

Accelerate Your Video Design with an FPGA and IP Cores
18 minutes

Watch this webcast to find out how a customizable solution and quick intellectual property (IP) integration helps you build your video design faster – whether for simple format conversion or advanced digital video processing.

Richard Yang, Sr. Product Marketing Engineer

Enhance Your Productivity with Faster Design Compile Times
18 minutes

When choosing your FPGA design software, be sure to consider compile time, a key productivity advantage. In this webcast, you'll learn how Altera's Quartus® design software delivers a 2X to 3X compile time advantage over competitive software.

Richard Yang, Product Marketing Engineer

Lower Power and Boost System Bandwidth on 28-nm FPGAs
40 minutes

Learn about key innovations in Stratix® V FPGAs that address bandwidth and power challenges in high-end systems designs. Embedded HardCopy Blocks, power-efficient 28-Gbps transceivers, and software power optimization are just a few of the features that will help you balance bandwidth, power, and cost requirements.

Frank Yazbeck, Senior Technical Marketing Staff

Designing an IP Camera with a Single, Low-Cost FPGA
20 minutes

Developing network surveillance cameras? Watch this webcast to see how an FPGA provides a single-chip platform for these cameras. Learn about a full video surveillance solution that includes silicon and intellectual property.Image processing for wide dynamic range (WDR) CMOS sensors

Judd Heape, Sr. Strategic Marketing Manager, Industrial Business Unit

Partitioning FPGA Designs for Redundancy and Information Security
20 minutes

Ensure high up-time and reliability for designs requiring fault tolerance, redundancy, and/or information security. This webcast uses motor control and software-defined radio (SDR) application examples to show how you can use FPGAs to partition and separate critical design elements.

Tom Schulte, Sr. Marketing Manager

Rapid Military Sensor DSP Design with FPGAs
23 minutes

See how DSP Builder Advanced Blockset lets you optimize your large design's performance while reducing design iterations. Using a sensor (radar) front-end design example on a large FPGA, you'll see how DSP Builder simplifies and speeds your design process.

Michael Parker, Senior DSP Technical Marketing Manager