Government Analytics

Within Government Analytics, machine learning is applied to big data to help governments make decisions and take actions. Machine learning algorithms and technologies continue to develop and increase in scope every year as artificial intelligence penetrates the data center. In this rapidly expanding field, reprogrammable FPGAs allow for the continual implementation of the newest algorithms and neural network topologies.


Radar has been a foundational technology area in which the semiconductor industry has played a large role for the last two decades. Parameters such as high-performance data processing, ultra-wide bandwidth, high dynamic range, and adaptive systems needed for diverse mission requirements are some of the most common challenges to system designers. An FPGA is an ideal, and in some cases necessary, solution in addressing these challenges. Using floating-point technology with Intel® Stratix® FPGA series and variable-precision digital signal processing (DSP) allows the designer to define the needed precision for each stage of the design. Logic and DSP resources are used efficiently while reducing power consumption.

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Electronic Warfare

In electronic warfare (EW) systems, key drivers for continuous enhancements are electronic counter-counter-measures (ECCM), stealth technologies, closely interlinked smart sensor networks, and intelligent guided weapons. These systems must be able to rapidly analyze and respond to multiple threats in very short time frames. In attempting to find target signatures in broadband noise, architects are seeking to perform complex processing such as fast Fourier transforms (FFTs), Cholesky decomposition, and matrix multiplication. Intel Stratix and Arria® FPGA series provide high processing and SWaP constrained solutions for these systems.

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Strong encryption and authentication are keys to ensuring communications and data security at ever increasing data throughput rates. Strong cryptographic algorithms implemented on FPGAs that are secure by design provide the foundation for trusted information assurance systems.

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Product Reliability

Intel provides solutions that are reliable with a strong commitment to quality. Single event upset (SEU) testing of Intel FPGAs at Los Alamos Neutron Science Center (LANSCE) has revealed a number of favorable results for end users. Intel FPGA products also meet military temperature range requirements.

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SEU Testing

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Military solutions are often created from the end user with a military commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) vendor. We work closely with Intel Design Solution Network (DSN) and other partners through direct support, co-marketing and sales promotions, and early silicon. Contact us if you would like to develop an Intel FPGA-based solution.

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