The need for testing is a requirement of all market segments. Regardless of the end market, all products have to be tested before being shipping to the end-customer. This dynamic drives the pervasive nature of the test and measurement segment, which includes the following categories and sub-segments:

Communication Test:

  • Wireless Testers (WiMax, WiFi)
  • Wireline Testers (Ethernet)
  • Optical Testers
  • Traditional Telco Field Testers

Semiconductor ATE:

  • Digital Testers
  • Analog/RF Testers
  • Mixed Signal
  • Memory Testers
  • System-on-a-Chip (SoC) Testers

General-Purpose Test:

  • Oscilloscopes
  • Signal Generators & Analyzers
  • Logic Analyzers
  • Multimeters & Counters
  • Automotive Testers