Microwave Front-haul

Simply put, front-haul is the link that connects the Baseband Unit (BBU) to the Remote Radio Head (RRH) which historically used a CPRI or OBSAI protocol over fiber. Network operators, seeking more capacity at a lower “cost-per-bit”,  have proposed C-RAN architectures which co-locate BBUs to allow sharing of resources. C-RAN architectures place additional demands on front-haul latency which, in some cases, can be better served by microwave links. For these emerging front-haul microwave links the same partner scalable modem IP can be used to provide front-haul solutions.

  • Scalable microwave modem with
    • Reed Solomon and LDPC Forward error correction
    • Hit-less Adaptive Channel modulation
    • Packet and TDM interfaces
    • ITU-T SyncE and IEEE 1588v2-2008 support
    • Turn-key to custom modem solutions
    • Traditional microwave back-haul bands 6-42 GHz with
      • Scalable signal BW up to 224 MHz
      • Up to 4096 QAM
      • Up to 1 Gbps throughput
    • E- and V- millimeter-wave bands
      • Scalable signal BW up to 2 GHz
      • Up to 512 QAM
      • Up to 10 Gbps throughput

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