The networking industry is going through a transformation that has been brought on by the need to address dynamically changing service needs and the potential created by ever increasing datacenter and cloud processing capability. Service Providers want to expedite network service creation/enablement, simplify management and deployment of those services, while reducing both the infrastructure cost and time to revenue. SDN/NFV deployed with reprogrammable Intel® FPGAs and the software agility of Intel Xeon® processors, supports a common infrastructure of servers and hardware acceleration to help achieve these goals without being limited by physical location or fixed function equipment. Intel is investing in FPGA wire speed data path acceleration solutions for OVS (Open vSwitch), algorithmic Search IP enabling vRouter/Switch/Firewall solutions, and Security Encryption IP (IPSEC/MACSEC). Intel enables FPGA acceleration with both an integrated package MCP (integrated Xeon+FPGA) and a family of SmartNIC PCIe plug-in cards. Combining these ingredients with software infrastructure such as DPDK application programming interfaces (APIs) and a solution partner eco system, customers can create compelling solutions that are performance, power and cost optimized for the NFVi transformation now and into the future.