DSN Member Profile: Commsonic Ltd


Commsonic specializes in the development of FPGA, digital signal processing (DSP), and ASIC subsystems for applications in wireless and wireline communications.The company's expertise is primarily in the gate-and power-efficient implementation of physical-layer (PHY) functions such as modulation, demodulation, and channel coding. Commsonic’s FPGA IP spans the latest international standards for cable, satellite, and terrestrial digital TV, and includes high-performance, adaptable, single-carrier quadrature amplitute modulation (QAM) and multi-carrier (COFDM) modulator and demodulator solutions for DVB-S/DSNG/S2/S2X, ISDB-S2, DVB-C/J.83abc, DVB-T/H, DVB-T2, ISDB-T, ATSC 8-VSB, DVB-CID.

Additional Services and Features

‧    Wireless and Wireline Communication Systems.

‧    Commsonic’s design and engineering services are available on a turnkey basis, but they are more often provided as part of a IP support package.

Contact Information

St Johns Innovation Centre
Cowley Road
Cambridge, Cambs United Kingdom
Tel:+44 1223 421845
Fax:+44 1223 420844