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iAbra delivers best in class end to end enterprise neural network creation platform. Pathworks toolkit provides all the integrated components you need to go from example data to high performance, low latency, low power inference: Web UI, data annotation tools, scale out clustered neural network training, automatic network tuning, FPGA inference engine iAbra Acceleration Advantages - Streaming live video/audio streams, low latency high throughput - High density, power efficiency enables small card form factors and multiple devices per PSU/chassis - Trained networks directly transferable to embedded devices, guaranteed stable mathematical precision iAbra advantages for enterprise - Automatic hyper parameter tuning end to end tool chain minimizes cost and risk to go from example data to deploy-able network - Scale out multi node many core+FPGA HPC training out of the box

Additional Services and Features

‧    AI solution design

‧    Neural network hands on training

‧    Dataset creation

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Toddington, Bedfordshire United Kingdom