MAX10 Module - KEIm-08SoM

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Board Category: Production Ready Board

Components & Interface: Expansion: Generic

End Market: Industrial

Technology: General Purpose

Board Feature: General User IO: LED

MAX Series: MAX 10: MAX 10 SC


The KEIm-08SoM is a System-on-Module (SoM), which is a very small module (40x30mm) with MAX10 FPGA, SDRAM 8MByte and Flash 4MByte. It can be connected to customer's board with only a 90-pin board-to-board connector. In addition, the FPGA on the KEIm-08SoM has been implemented pre-designed RTL, which constitute of NiosII and periperal IP such as SPI, I2C and PWM. Therefore, it can be used without the RTL designe.

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KEIM-08HED-R10$90Buy Now
KEIM-08C-R10$225Buy Now
KEIM-DEV-R10$315Buy Now

Development Kit Hardware Contents

  • MAX10 FPGA 10M08 UBGA169
  • 50MHz OSC
  • SDRAM 8MByte, Flash 4MByte
  • 90pin Board to Board Connector x1

Development Kit Software Contents

  • Nios II Gen2
  • UART x2, I2C x1, SPI x3, PWM x2, PIO x66(max)

Support Document

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hardware manual1us

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Latest version of Quartus supported 15.1
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