Intel® FPGAs are integrated into Intel’s AI ecosystem including a suite of libraries, frameworks, and tools unified across Intel hardware platforms including CPUs and FPGAs. This integration enables a unified workflow across any hardware platform and allows software programmability of FPGA solutions.

Intel® Deep Learning Deployment Tool Kit

Configure your topology on the FPGA loaded with the appropriate architecture from the Deep Learning Accelerator Library for inferencing out of Caffe or Tensor Flow.  The Deep Learning Accelerator Library contains highly optimized core primitives that enable users to implement a variety of popular topologies (AlexNet, GoogleNet, and more) without needing to recompile the Intel® FPGA. Contact your local sales team for more information.  Learn more about the Intel® Deep Learning Deployment Tool Kit here.

Deep Learning Frameworks

Caffe and Tensor Flow support through the Intel® Deep Learning Deployment Tool Kit.


Intel Computer Vision SDK

Intel provides a comprehensive toolkit for developing and deploying vision-oriented solutions based on OpenVX on Intel platforms in the Intel Computer Vision SDK.

Intel FPGA SDK for OpenCL™

The Intel FPGA SDK for Open Computing Language (OpenCL™) allows a user to abstract away the traditional hardware FPGA development flow for a much faster and higher level software development flow.