GEM Enables Industrial IOT Edge Connectivity and Boosts Factory Efficiency

GEM’s edge-retrofit technology allows cost-effective, non-disruptive connection of all existing manufacturing infrastructure and can be incorporated into new equipment installation.  The added diagnostic monitoring and autonomous response capabilities boost factory efficiency, quality, and productivity.

Single-chip Cloud-enabled PLC for Industry 4.0

2 minutes

Learn how Altera is enabling IoT and Industry 4.0-ready solution for PLC, HMI and Industrial Networking Gateway with secure enterprise connectivity, all on a single Cyclone V SoC chip.  


AWARD WINNER: First Place, 2015 EE Times / EDN ACE Awards Ultimate Product: Reference Design


Rethinking the Internet of Things

As the Internet of Things (IoT) cements itself into place as the mandatory next big thing for 2015, more systems architects are taking a hard look at its underlying concepts. As they look, these experts are asking some hard questions about simplistic views of the IoT structure: the clouds of sensors and actuators attached to simple, low-power wireless hubs, linked through the Internet to massive cloud data centers.[…]

Catapult: An FPGA-based reconfigurable fabric for large-scale datacenters

Learn how Microsoft is using Altera FPGAs to greatly improve data center processing performance and power efficiency.[…]

CEO Outlook 2015: The Unintended Consequences of the Internet of Things

As we look toward 2015, many of the dynamics that have supported the programmable logic industry in recent years remain in place. ASIC and ASSP design costs spiral, uncertainties about functionality grow, and high-volume opportunities are rare. New dynamics and the evolving Internet of Things (IoT), however, are creating an uncertain environment with unintended consequences. As the industry struggles to make the IoT work, two trends will emerge that play directly into the strengths of programmable logic, creating great opportunities for FPGAs. […]

A Clearing Picture of the Internet of Things

By now most systems designers have a mental picture of the Internet of Things (IoT): an idea of its structure and its purpose. Unfortunately, this picture is likely to be wrong in both aspects. Judging by keynotes at ARM Techcon 2013, both the structure and function of the IoT are evolving in directions that neither […]

IoT Security

Enthusiastic promotion for the Internet of Things (IoT) is rising like an all-pervading dawn over the electronics landscape. From home automation to transportation systems to telemedicine, the concept of connecting local devices—or even individual actuators and sensors—to the Internet is illuminating new wonderful possibilities. Manage your home from your smart phone? With the IoT it’s […]


Designing IoT Systems with Altera MAX 10

HandsOn Training, an Altera training partner, offers a 1-day, hands-on, instructor-led course on developing IoT solutions using Altera MAX 10 non-volatile FPGA, which is equipped with on-chip  memory, DSP blocks, ADC, temperature sensor, on-chip Flash with dual configuration capability, on-chip regulator, NIOS II, and DDR interface.

Please contact HandsOn Training directly for more information on the course.