Device Family: Cyclone III
Type: Answers
Area: Development Kits

Last Modified: August 12, 2013
Version Found: v12.1
IP Product: Nios II Embedded Evaluation Kit (RoHS) Cyclone III Edition, Promo version w/Nios II, NicheStack and Triple Speed Ethernet

Error (12006): Node instance "cycloneIII_3c25_niosII_application_selector_sopc_instance" instantiates undefined entity "cycloneIII_3c25_niosII_application_selector_sopc"


You will encounter the following error if you compile the "cycloneiii_3c25_niosii_application_selector" example design in the Nios® II Embedded Evaluation Kit, Cyclone® III Edition, version 12.1.0.

This error occurs because the "cycloneIII_3c25_niosII_application_selector_sopc.qip" file is missing.


You can manually add files to avoid this error:

1. Go to Assignments --> Settings --> Files, and select "Add All"

2. Remove ddr_o_bb.v and ddr_o.v from the file list.