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Last Modified: February 13, 2006

Why doesn't the <CODE>LM_LICENSE_FILE</CODE> environment variable in my UNIX system affect which license is read by the MAX+PLUS<FONT SIZE="-1"><SUP>&reg;</FONT></SUP>&nbsp;II software?


When you run the MAX+PLUS II software, the software checks to see if a variable called LM_LICENSE_FILE is present in the maxplus2.ini file. If the variable is defined, the software obtains license information using the value of the variable. However, if the variable is not defined, the MAX+PLUS II software creates the variable and uses the value of the LM_LICENSE_FILE environment variable from your UNIX shell as the value for the variable in the maxplus2.ini file.

To modify the location where the MAX+PLUS II software searches for the license file, you should:

  • Use the MAX+PLUS II graphical user interface (GUI) to assign the license file (Options menu -> Authorization Code).


  • Manually modify the LM_LICENSE_FILE variable in the maxplus2.ini file to point to the license file.