Device Family: Cyclone III, Stratix III
Type: Answers
Area: Tools

Last Modified: September 11, 2012
IP Product: Other

Why is the DQ/DQS information in the Pin Planner different than the information in the pin-out files for Stratix III and Cyclone III devices?


The Quartus® II software version 7.2 Pin Planner displays information on DQ and DQS pins that may not constitute the full DQ/DQS group in a particular package and, therefore, may not be used for that purpose.

For Stratix® III and Cyclone® III devices, the Pin Planner may incorrectly display the DQS pin type symbol and DQS name in the tooltip for pins that do not support DQS in that particular package.

To correct the behavior and show the correct DQ/DQS groups, use the the Show DQ/DQS Pins option. On the View menu, click Show DQ/DQS Pins.

For information on DQ/DQS groups, refer to the following pin-out files available on  in the Literature sections:

  • Stratix® III Pinout files
  • Cyclone® III Pinout files