Solution ID: rd12032001_8014
Last Modified: October 12, 2010
Product Category: Design Software
Product Area: Project Management/Scripting
Product Sub-area: Other (Project Management)
Software: Quartus II PC


The MentorGraphics® FPGA Advantage software is a hardware description language (HDL) design environment with a single user interface for all steps in the design process. The tool integrates the HDL Designer Series for design creation and management, theModelSim tool for simulation, and thePrecision Synthesistool for synthesis. More information can be found on the Mentor Graphics web site at

Altera does not officially support the FPGA Advantage design flow at this time. Therefore, for problems or questions regarding this software package, contact MentorGraphics directly. For issues regarding the design flow for Altera® devices, submit an enhancement request detailing any problems you're having through Altera's mySupport on-line technical support system. Altera will work with MentorGraphics to try to resolve your problem.

Altera does officially support thePrecision and ModelSim software tools. Altera can help customers with any problems or questions regarding the Altera design flow using any supported version of these tools.