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Last Modified: November 08, 2010

How do I create a .jic file with my Nios II hardware and software image?


The method used to create a .jic file with a Nios® II hardware and software image is as follows.

1.      Create a flash file for the hardware and software image
sof2flash --input=<hwimage>.sof --output=hwimage.flash --epcs --verbose
elf2flash --input=<elf file>.elf --output=swimage.flash --epcs --after=hwimage.flash --verbose

Note: When creating the software flash image, there is no need to add a boot srec (this is located in the EPCS Controller), the --after option ensures the software image starts immediately after the hardware image.

2.      Convert the flash images into Hex files

nios2-elf-objcopy -I srec -O ihex hwimage.flash  hwimage.hex
nios2-elf-objcopy -I srec -O ihex swimage.flash  swimage.hex

3.      When creating your jic file using Quartus® II Convert Programming File tool, add the Flash Loader and both hex files with absolute addressing option selected.

Note: You do not need to add the .sof file to the jic image.  This is because you created a hardware hex image.  Using the hardware hex image ensures the software hex image is at the proper offset in the EPCS.