Device Family: Arria 10 GT, Arria 10 GX, Arria 10 SX, Arria V GT, Arria V GX, Arria V GZ, Arria V ST, Arria V SX, Cyclone V GT, Cyclone V GX, Cyclone V ST, Cyclone V SX, Stratix V GS, Stratix V GT, Stratix V GX
Type: Answers
Area: Intellectual Property

Last Modified: April 12, 2016
Version Found: v14.0 Arria 10 Edition
IP Product: PCI Express 1/2/4/8 Lanes (x8)

Why does simulation fail for the Hard IP for PCI Express when CVP is enabled?


The simulation model for the Hard IP for PCI Express® does not work correctly when CvP is enabled within the Quartus® II software.  If you attempt to run the simulation testbench with CvP enabled, the testbench will fail.


This problem will not be resolved in any future version of the Quartus II software.