Introducing 28-nm Stratix V FPGAs: Built for Bandwidth

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35 minutes

While supporting increasingly demanding bandwidth requirements, your products also need to meet stringent cost and power budgets. Altera's new 28-nm Stratix® V FPGAs deliver groundbreaking innovations addressing the challenges of next-generation designs.

In this webcast, you'll learn how Stratix V FPGAs deliver:

  • Highest bandwidth—12.5-Gbps and 28-Gbps transceivers, 800-MHz DDR3 interfaces
  • Unprecedented system integration—hard intellectual property (IP) blocks including Embedded HardCopy Blocks
  • Ultimate flexibility—user-friendly partial reconfiguration
  • Risk-free path to lower cost and 50% lower power with HardCopy V ASICs

Bernhard Friebe
Bernhard Friebe
Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Altera Corporation

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