What’s New in Quartus Prime Design Software v15.1

Altera introduces the new revolutionary Quartus® Prime design software, primed to improve your productivity as you target Altera’s next generation devices with multi-million logic elements. The new Quartus Prime software is built on the successful Quartus II software, with the addition of the Spectra-Q™ engine, which is optimized for Arria® 10 and future devices. The Spectra-Q engine consists of a new set of faster and more scalable algorithms, a new hierarchical database infrastructure, and a new unified compiler technology. 

The Quartus Prime software is available in three editions: Pro, Standard, and Lite Edition. Watch this webcast for more information about Quartus Prime. The new Quartus Prime design software is available with the release of version 15.1, and delivers unbeatable performance with a full speed grade advantage for Arria 10 devices. The software provides groundbreaking features, to significantly improve design productivity and reduce compile times. Learn more about the features the new Quartus Prime software delivers for Arria 10 devices:

A Full Speed Grade Advantage with the New Hybrid Placer

The Hybrid Placer features advanced place-and-route algorithms for more predictable timing closure. The Hybrid Placer is a combination of mathematical equations, concurrently optimized for wire length, timing, congestion and legality, and detailed placement refinement techniques. This combination delivers unbeatable performance, up to a speed grade faster for Arria 10 devices. 

Reduce Design Iterations by 10X with the BluePrint Platform Designer

The BluePrint Platform Designer explores a device’s peripheral architecture and efficiently assigns interfaces. BluePrint prevents illegal pin assignments by performing fitter and legal checks in real time. This flow eliminates complex error messages and the need to wait for a full compile, thereby speeding up your I/O design by 10X. To learn more about the BluePrint Platform Designer, watch these videos.


Using BluePrint Platform Designer for External Memory Interface Design

Watch this video to find out how to simplify placement of external memory interfaces with BluePrint Platform Designer.  

Quick Overview of the BluePrint Platform Designer’s Productivity Benefits 

The BluePrint Platform Designer leverages the new Spectra-Q engine to explore a device’s I/O interface architecture and efficiently assign interfaces. Watch this video to learn more about the productivity benefits of the BluePrint Platform Designer.

Hybrid Placer

The Hybrid Placer, powered by Spectra-Q, is designed to dramatically scale productivity and time-to-market for the next-generation programmable devices. Watch to learn how the new hybrid placement technique provides you higher design performance and improved compile times.


Fast & Easy I/O System Design with BluePrint 

In this training, learn about the BluePrint Platform Designer, an easy-to-use tool in the Quartus Prime software that uses the power of the Fitter to create a legal floorplan that used to take months in less than a week. Make guaranteed legal resource location assignments interface-by-interface instead of pin-by-pin to shorten your I/O planning cycle. Note: Blueprint is supported in Arria 10 and later FPGAs.


Expanded Language Support with the New Spectra-Q Synthesis Tool

The Spectra-Q synthesis engine integrates a new front-end language parser into the Quartus Prime software. With the new front-end parser, designers will see improved language support for all IEEE register transfer level (RTL) languages, including more support for SystemVerilog-2005 and VHDL-2008. Support for all previously supported languages is also maintained. To learn more about how to use the Spectra-Q Synthesis Tool, watch this video

Faster Compile Times with Rapid Recompile

The Quartus Prime software introduces support for the Rapid Recompile feature for Arria 10 devices. The Rapid Recompile feature, which reuses synthesis and place-and-route information to streamline processing for small, incremental design changes, results in up to 3X faster compilation for pre-synthesis HDL changes and up to 4X faster compilation for post-fit SignalTap® II Logic Analyzer modifications.

Altera Intellectual Property

In addition to these new exciting capabilities, the v15.1 release of Altera® intellectual property (IP) features new additions and feature enhancements to the MegaCore® function portfolio. Click on the What's New in IP web page to learn about some of the exciting new features.

Getting Started

The Quartus Prime design software is available in three editions: Pro, Standard, and Lite Edition. Watch this webcast for more information on Quartus Prime design software. To compare the different features available in each edition, visit this page. Or visit the Download Center to download the Quartus Prime design software v15.1 today!