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Product Selector Guide

Product Selector Guide

Find and compare the specifications and features of Altera devices, IPs and development kits.

FPGAs For Dummies

"FPGAs For Dummies"

This eBook examines how FPGAs work, the history, and the future of FPGAs in system design.

New to FPGAs Resource Center

New to FPGAs Resource Center

Are you new to FPGAs? Just want to bring your knowledge up to date? Altera’s New to FPGAs Resource Center is a great place to start.


Best-in-Class FPGA Technology

Best-in-Class FPGA Technology

Altera’s leading-edge programmable logic solutions leverage the most advanced process technologies, enabling users to develop customized systems based on specific application requirements.


From communications and data center applications that demand the highest performance to automotive and industrial applications where power and area savings are critical, Altera FPGAs meet your design needs.



When Architecture Matters

Altera SoC FPGAs are architected to ensure developers have a solid foundation to base their embedded system on.

Altera SoC FPGAs integrate a multicore ARM processor subsystem into a user-customizable FPGA leveraging a high-bandwidth interconnect. SoC FPGAs provide embedded systems improved performance, increased reliability, increased flexibility, while lowering system cost and board size.



20+ Years of CPLD Innovations

Altera’s low-cost, non-volatile CPLDs feature over two decades of innovations and are used broadly throughout the electronics industry.


These highly integrated, single-chip programmable devices are ideally suited to manage multiple system functions in control plane or datapath applications.


Design Tools

The #1 Software in Performance & Productivity

Altera enables highly productive design teams with design tools that deliver the industry’s fastest compile times and highest performance design.


Altera tools support multiple design entry methods, including high-level flows, model-based and IP-based flows, and traditional RTL flows, enabling hardware designers and software programmers to quickly get their ideas to working silicon.


FPGA-Optimized Power Solutions

FPGA-Optimized Power Solutions

Altera is the only FPGA supplier to offer a family of power solutions that are tailored to address the performance, power and area requirements of FPGA-based systems.


Altera’s Enpirion power solutions provide a combination of high-efficiency, small-footprint and low-noise performance in an integrated product.


Simplifying FPGA, SoC & CPLD Design

Simplifying FPGA, SoC & CPLD Designs

Altera offers a broad range of development kits and design resources that simplify engineering project schedules by slashing development time and reducing risk.


Altera and selected partners offer a wide range of development kits that contain everything an engineer needs to create and implement a design.

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