Arria V Overview

Arria® V FPGA family offer the highest bandwidth and deliver the lowest total power for midrange applications, such as remote radio units, 10G/40G line cards, and broadcast studio equipment. There are five targeted variants, including SoC variants with a dual-core ARM® Cortex®-A9 hard processor system (HPS) to best meet your performance, power, and integration needs.

See Arria V FPGAs Running

High-Bandwidth Interfaces on Arria V GZ: Featuring PCIe® Gen3 Hard IP

High-Bandwidth Interfaces on Arria V GZ: Featuring 1,600 Mbps DDR3 Memory

Arria V GX FPGAs 6.375 Gbps CEI Backplane Driving Capability

Arria V GT FPGA 10.3125 Gbps for SFF8431 Applications

The Arria V FPGA variants offer a number of solutions to meet the bandwidth requirements of you application while balancing your power and cost targets.

Industry's Lowest Power

Arria V GZ FPGAs offer the lowest power-per-bandwidth for midrange applications, and are ideal for power-sensitive designs that require transceivers up to 12.5 Gbps. At 10G data rates, Arria V GZ FPGAs consume less than 180 mW per channel and at 12.5 Gbps consume less than 200 mW per channel. Arria V GZ FPGAs also offer a lower static power offering with a -3L speed grade.

Arria V GX and GT FPGAs offer the lowest total power for mid-range applications by using the 28 nm low power process to deliver the lowest static power, offering the lowest power transceivers for speeds up to 10.3125 Gbps, and providing superior fabric with hard IP designed to lower dynamic power. Arria V devices provide a 40% on average power reduction compared to the previous generation of midrange FPGAs.

Customizable ARM Processor-Based SoCs

Altera SoCs let you reduce system power, system cost, and board space by integrating a hard processor system (HPS) – consisting of processors, peripherals, and memory controller – with the FPGA fabric using a high-bandwidth interconnect backbone. The combination of the HPS with Altera's 28 nm low-power FPGA fabric provide the performance and ecosystem of an applications-class ARM processor with the flexibility and digital signal processing (DSP) richness of the Arria V FPGAs.


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