Cyclone® V FPGAs provide the industry’s lowest system cost, lowest power FPGA solution as well as small form-factor package options (as small as 11x11 mm2). These advantages, along with its performance and logic utilization, result in devices optimized for differentiating your high-volume applications. The abundance of hard intellectual property (IP) blocks in the core FPGA fabric, such as variable precision digital signal processing (DSP) blocks, multiport memory controllers, and PCI Express® Gen2 hardened IP with multifunction enable you to do more with less overall system cost and design time. As ready-to-use functions, these hard IP blocks will ease your development process and consume less power, and in the case of hardened memory controllers, less board space vs. soft logic. They’ll also free up more logic resources that you can devote to unique features that will differentiate your products.

Review the features, resources, and tools available to help you optimize Cyclone V FPGAs in the following application areas:

  • Industrial—Industrial networking, motor control
  • Wireless—Mobile backhaul, remote radio heads, picocell
  • Wireline—Access routers, control plane
  • Broadcast—Capture cards, video conversion
  • Consumer—Displays
  • Automotive—Infotainment, drive assistance, battery management