Take Your Next Step with Compliant and Interop-tested Ethernet IP Cores

Our practice of conducting proactive interop and compliance testing on the Intel® (formerly Altera®) Ethernet cores ensures that they can be easily implemented into your system design with minimal risk. For more information, contact your local Intel FPGA sales representative.

  • 25G/50G Ethernet Consortium verified interop of new Intel 25G and early access 50G Ethernet IP cores for Arria 10 GT
  • UNH Compliance Testing achieved for 10GBASE-KR PHY IP on Arria® 10 device
  • Intel 25G Ethernet MegaCore includes support for Reed Solomon Forward Error Correction (RS-FEC) and IEEE 1588v2 time stamping


IP Design Examples for Greater Productivity

New and updated design example user guides provide details and instructions on how to get you quickly up and running using Intel FPGA IP. Click on the user guides of your choice and experience huge time-saving improvements on your FPGA projects.

New Feature Additions and Enhancements

The 16.1 release of Quartus Prime design software features new additions and feature enhancements to the MegaCore IP portfolio including the following items:

  • Minimize your risk with Ethernet compliance and consortium testing
    • Newly released 25G and early access 50G pass Ethernet Consortium's 1st Interop event
    • 10GBASE-KR PHY achieves UNH compliance testing requirements
  • Jump-start your FPGA project productivity gains with our out-of-the-box dynamically generated IP design examples
    • Simple, baked in example functionality speed up design developments     
    • Can be directly programmed on Intel® FPGA development kits for rapid hardware prototyping
  • Explore further enhancements to existing IP

PCI Express

  • Direct memory access (DMA) maximum size support now up to 1 MB; significantly improving DMA data transfer efficiency in both the read and write directions
  • Single Root I/O Virtualization (SR-IOV) for Arria 10 devices is production ready to fully scale data centers’ asset utilizations. For more details, visit the PCI Express product page and click on the SR-IOV User Guide.

External Memory Interfaces:

  • LPDDR3 achieves hardware-validated milestone for Arria 10  devices with support up to 800 MHz
  • DDR4 RDIMM and LRDIMM updated with simplified GUI entry for serial presence detect (SPD) to minimize entry errors
Introducing Traffic Generator 2.0
Using BluePrint for External Memory Interface Designs

Video Processing and Connectivity

  • Deliver stunning 4K video resolution with the updated Video and Image Processing Suite.  4K video capable functions include: 
    • Chroma Resampler
    • 2D FIR
    • Interlacer
    • Color Plane Sequencer
  • Get a head start on designing your next 4K and Ultra-High-Definition video application using the Arria 10 UHD Video Reference Design
  • Implement the latest video connectivity standard1 with our latest design guidelines for Arria 10 FPGAs
    • To use serial digital interface (SDI) on Arria 10 FPGAs with or without an external VCXO, see AN-746
    • Get started with Multirate SDI, up to 12G on Arria 10 FPGAs using AN-768

1All MegaCore IP cores can be used in Pro, Standard, and Lite Editions of Quartus Prime software with the exception of Video Connectivity IP in Pro.



  • Interop report for JESD204B on Arria 10 devcies with AD9691 from Analog Devices available now
  • Check out the JESD204B Quick Start video for a guide to easily create an example design that works on your hardware


  • The Nios II processor is supported as a pre-release (beta) version in Quartus® Prime Pro Edition software due to the changes required to support intellectual property (IP) components in Qsys Pro
    Note: the Nios II (Classic) processor is not supported in Quartus Prime Professsional/Qsys Pro; it will continue to be supported in Quartus Prime Standard Edition software releases.
  • See more of What's New in Embedded

Device Support

Device support for all Design Solutions Network (DSN) member IP can be found on the Find IP page. 

To learn more about Intel FPGA IP and our DSN member portfolio of IP solutions, click on the IP Brochure and visit www.altera.com/dsn.