With data centers in the cloud, search is evolving rapidly. New cloud-based architectures and rapidly changing workload require the ability to develop flexible, scalable applications. FPGAs allow designers to optimize and refine search algorithms continuously. This acceleration benefits functionality including two rising trends:

  • “Verticalization” targeting cloud services to vertical markets
  • Disaggregated data in which data is collected from multiple sources, compiled, analyzed, and broken out into segments

FPGAs excel in search because their flexibility allows easy implement of features such as hashes and lookup tables. For example, Arria® 10 hard floating-point operations are vital to this acceleration.

FPGAs are flexible, multi-purpose, reconfigurable acceleration devices. They can perform a variety of functions in the data center such as search, intelligent NIC functions, machine learning scoring acceleration with Xeon processors for best performance per watt, encryption, compression, and analytics. Large data center operators prefer to deploy common hardware to use one server configuration for flexible workload deployment. Including FPGAs in the configuration gives data center operators the option to adjust their server functions without changing the hardware.