• Stratix 10 DRAM SiP
  • Technology Innovations
  • Intelligent Vision
  • Internet of Things

Stratix 10 DRAM SiP:
Breaking the Memory Bandwidth Barrier

New device class delivers 10X memory bandwidth
relative to conventional approaches.

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At the Forefront of Innovation

Altera's silicon and software innovations are used to
bring the world's smarter, faster, lower power
electronics systems that touch our lives everyday.

Heterogeneous Integration

Higher performance, lower power, and smaller form factor.

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Machine Learning

Learn the benefits of FPGAs in the growing application of machine learning.

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Optical FPGA: Expanding System Bandwidth

Explore the possibilities with high bandwidth.

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Secure your reconfigurable logic designs, system, and data. 

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Transceiver Technology

Pushing the envelope in serial transceiver data rates.

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