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  • Smart City Infrastructure
  • Industry 4.0
  • Smart Grid
  • Healthcare Systems
  • Connected Car
  • Data Center Acceleration

IoT Applications


Emerging IoT applications, such as Smart City infrastructure, intelligent factory automation, Smart Grid, and data center acceleration, already use Altera FPGAs to take advantage of hardware and software programmability, security, and high-performance features.


Learn how Altera FPGAs can power your IoT application.


Smart City Infrastructure


At the heart of many Smart City applications are "intelligent vision" systems for environmental and weather monitoring, parking management, retail analytics and enhanced public safety. Altera SoCs enable high-performance and real-time video analytics for these applications.


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Industry 4.0


Industry 4.0, or the fourth wave of the Industrial Revolution, leverages connectivity and autonomous operation to create robust industrial IoT applications. Altera PLC solutions integrate M2M and secure enterprise application interoperability over cloud with OPC-UA, to deliver clear cost, power and TTM benefits for factory automation systems. 

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Smart Grid


Altera provides customers with scalable, high-performance solutions to meet the requirements of today’s mission-critical Smart Grid functions, such as control loop, grid communications, network redundancy and security.




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Healthcare systems


Healthcare systems can leverage IoT to enable fast and accurate aggregation of patient vital signs and other data from networked devices. These applications promise improved diagnostics and elimination of manual processes. FPGAs have the computing power to manage medical data aggregation, enabling improved patient care.


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Connected Car


Connected Car applications, commonly called V2X (Vehicle-to-Anything), are seen as the next step for the autonomous vehicle to enable further improvements in safety and fuel efficiency. Altera FPGAs are ideally suited for optimization and acceleration of evolving V2X communication encryption algorithms.


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Data Center


The data center is central to the IoT as it processes data from millions of devices and sensors for highly optimized autonomous operation. Today, Altera FPGAs are being used to improve throughput, response time and energy efficiency through the offloading of compute workloads from the server's central processing units (CPUs) onto FPGAs.

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Accelerating the IoT with Altera FPGAs and SoCs


IoT promises to be a broad driving force that will create significant new innovation, facilitate new business models and improve global society in unimaginable ways. Altera solutions enable true flexibility and scalability to address IoT requirements; inherent hardware programmability and software programmability. This powerful combination allows you to enable autonomous operation, tailor your solution to your customer's specific requirements and scale solutions to meet fragmented and evolving market requirements.
From intelligent buildings and connected cars to smart power grids and city infrastructure, FPGAs democratize IoT innovation. Altera solutions enable anyone to develop any application, scaling from single prototype units to hundreds of thousands of units in production. This elegantly mimics the wide variety of different solutions encompassed by IoT rather than a small number of very high volume systems.

Key Benefits of Altera FPGAs and SoCs

  • Meet fragmented IoT application requirements and optimize yout time-to-market with the flexibility to customize in both hardware and software
  • Enable inherent, robust security through hardware crypto acceleration and monolithic ARM processor integration
  • Support diverse and evolving IoT gateway requirements through flexible protocol switching/bridging and secure remote in-field upgrades
  • Extract maximum value from data analytics at the edge and in the data center with the industry’s highest performance-per-watt and performance-per-$
  • Preserve R&D investment across a broad portfolio of IoT solutions enabling solutions from things to gateways to the data center

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