Solution ID: rd03032012_642
Last Modified: September 11, 2012
Product Category: Design Software
Product Area: Timing Analysis
Product Sub-area: TimeQuest Timing Analyzer
Version Found: v10.0
Software: Quartus II Linux, Quartus II PC


You may observe Quartus® II software report unconstrained paths while running quartus_sta with the --sdc option to perform timing analysis. This behavior may occur even though there are no unconstrained paths when running a full compilation. If you use the --sdc option for the quartus_sta command, the software uses only the constraints in the specified Synopsys Design Constraints (.sdc) file for timing analysis, but not the embedded timing constraints in your design files.

Workaround / Fix

To avoid this behavior, do one of the following actions:

  • Include the command read_sdc -hdl within your specified .sdc file to have the software use the embedded constraints.
  • Remove the --sdc option. Without the --sdc option, the software performs timing analysis using the embedded constraints in design files and the .sdc files in your project.