Altera Licensing

Most Altera software requires you to use a license to enable the software. The license is provided in a file named license.dat. This page describes how to get a license file, set up a license, solve a license problem, change license information, and learn about software and intellectual property (IP) licensing options.

  • Use the Licensing Quick Start to learn how to license one copy of software on one computer.
  • The free Quartus® Prime Lite Edition, Quartus II Web Edition, and ModelSim-Altera Starter Edition software do not require a license.

An Altera software subscription enables the Quartus Prime Pro Edition, Quartus Prime Standard Edition, or Quartus II subscription edition software (including the Altera IP Library) and the ModelSim‑Altera Edition software. When you purchase a software subscription, the license file supports the version of software you purchase, all previous versions, and all versions released within a year of the purchase date. You can use the version of the Quartus Prime or Quartus II software you purchase, and all related software, including the ModelSim‑Altera Edition software and the Altera IP Library, indefinitely.

Altera also uses licenses to enable additional software, such as purchased MegaCore functions, the Altera SDK for OpenCL, and the SoC Embedded Design Suite (EDS).

For detailed information on licensing Altera software, refer to:

Use the Self-Service Licensing Center to Get and Manage Licenses

If you have a license that is on active maintenance or has a maintenance expiration date after January 1, 2009, please login to myAltera and go to the Self-Service Licensing Center to get and manage your software and/or IP licenses.

Common Licensing Actions

Set Up a License

Solve a License Problem

Use the licensing troubleshooter to solve Quartus Prime, ModelSim®-Altera, and DSP Builder software licensing problems.

For other troubleshooting tips, refer to Altera Software Installation and Licensing (PDF).

Learn About Software and IP Licensing Options

Licenses for Legacy Software

Get the license file for Altera® software, IP, and development kits with a maintenance expiration date before January 1, 2009 at our Legacy License Generator page.