ARM* Development Studio 5* (DS-5*) Intel SoC FPGA Edition

Developed in partnership with ARM, the ARM* Development Studio 5* (DS-5*) Intel® SoC FPGA Edition is an end-to-end suite of tools for embedded C/C++ software development on any Intel SoC FPGAs. It combines almost all features of the ARM DS-5 Professional Edition with powerful FPGA-adaptive debugging capabilites, providing unmatched visibility and control of your SoC FPGA.

Comprehensive Development Environment

Code Build Debug Optimize
Eclipse-based IDE provides a great workbench with ARM's assembly editor and project management tools Compile and build code for small footprint and high performance using ARM Compiler 5 or ARM Compiler 6 Debug Bare-metal, Linux*, and Android application code with low-cost Intel FPGA Download Cable II Optimize and make your application more efficient with Streamline and Trace

FPGA-Adaptive Debug

  • Cross-trigger and debug across the CPU-FPGA boundary to find hidden bugs
  • Correlate events between the FPGA and CPU along with timestamps 
  • Begin bare-metal debug with the low-cost Intel FPGA Download Cable II 
  • Improve productivity by importing custom intellectual property (IP) register definitions from the Intel Qsys system integration tool and the Intel Quartus® Prime software

Program Trace

  • Unleash the power of the CoreSight* System Trace Macrocell (STM) Debug architecture 
  • View timeline charts and heat maps for software that executes on target 
  • Profile the system accurately by finding the CPU utilization per function non-intrusively

Multi-Core Debug




  • Debug multiple processor cores simultaneously and control them individually

Application Performance Analysis

  • With Streamline, visualize the performance bottlenecks in your embedded Linux or Android application
  • Set up and configure the ARM performance counters to dig deeper. 
  • Optimize your code for the best performance

DS-5 Availability

 ARM Development Studio 5 for Intel SoC FPGAs

Available with Paid License for SoC EDS Standard  and Pro Editions

DS-5 Comunity Edition

Available with Free License for SoC EDS Standard and Pro Editions

The ARM Development Studio 5 (DS-5) Intel SoC FPGA Edition is license managed. The license shipped with select Intel SoC FPGA development kits includes 1-year support and maintanence from ARM starting at the date of purchase or renewal. The ARM Development Studio 5 for Intel SoC FPGAs supports all ARM processor subsystems on Intel SoC FPGAs and provides exceptional bare-metal debug and trace capabilities. It includes the ARM Compiler 5/6 so you can optimize your code for size and performance.

DS-5 Community Edition is free, allowing access to a limited feature enabling Android and Linux application debug. With Linux and Android OS-awareness, DS-5 Community Edition is ideally suited for application-level development.


See the comparison table and release history below for details.

Compare Editions

  Feature ARM DS-5 Community Edition 

ARM DS-5 Intel SoC FPGA Edition

Application Performance Analysis Streamline Performance Analysis Limited Subset  
Bare-Metal Debug Intel FPGA Download Cable II    
Linux Kernel Debug    
RTOS Debug    
Processor Trace Coresight STM Trace    
Compilers Linaro GCC    
ARM Compiler 5    
ARM Compiler 6    
OS Awareness Linux    
OS Application Debug Linux Application debug (GDB)    
Android Application debug (ADB)    
Price Activation Code or Serial Number Free with SoC EDS Installation



Free with select Intel SoC FPGA Development Kits.



For a complete comparison chart for all editions of the DS-5 tool, visit ARM.

SoC EDS / DS-5 Release History


Nov 2013 May 2014 Nov 2014 May 2015 Nov 2015 May 2016 Nov 2016 May 2017
SoC EDS Version 13.1 14.0 14.1 15.0 15.1 16.0 16.1 17.0
DS-5 Version (included in SoC EDS) 5.15.0 5.18.0 5.20.0 5.20.2 5.22.0 5.23.1 5.25

5.25 (SoC EDS Standard)

5.26.2 (SoC EDS Pro)