Three Intel® Quartus® Prime Editions to Meet Your System Design Requirements

Pro Edition

Standard Edition

Lite Edition

Paid license required

The Intel® Quartus® Prime Pro Edition software supports the advanced features in Intel's next-generation FPGAs and SoCs with the Intel Stratix® 10,  Intel Arria® 10, and Intel Cyclone® 10 GX device families.

Paid license required

The Intel Quartus Prime Standard Edition software includes extensive support for earlier device families in addition to the Intel Cyclone 10 LP device family.

FREE, no license required

The Intel Quartus Prime Lite Edition software supports Intel’s low-cost FPGA device families.

Compare Pro, Standard, and Lite Editions v17.1

For the complete device support list, please visit the Download Center page.

  Key Features for Intel Quartus Prime Software v17.1 Pro Edition ($) Standard Edition ($) Lite Edition (Free)

Device Support


Stratix series IV, V    
Arria series II      (1)
II, V    
Cyclone series IV, V  
10 LP  
10 GX (2)    
MAX® series  
Design Entry/Planning Multiprocessor support (faster compile time)  
IP Base Suite Available for purchase
Platform Designer (Standard)  
Platform Designer (Pro)     
Design Partition Planner  
Chip Planner
Interface Planner    
Functional Simulation ModelSim*-Intel FPGA Starter Edition software
ModelSim-Intel FPGA Edition software  (3)  (3)  (3)
Synthesis Industry-standard language for design portability (SystemVerilog and VHDL-2008)
Placement and Routing Fitter (Place and Route)
Logic Lock regions  
Incremental Optimization    
Early Placement    
Register Retiming  
Hybrid Placer  (4)  
Design Flow Partial Reconfiguration (5)  
Rapid Recompile  (6)  
Block-Based Design     

Timing and

Power Verification

Timing Analyzer
Design Space Explorer II
Power Analyzer
In-System Debug   Signal Tap Logic Analyzer
Transceiver toolkit  
Intel Advanced Link Analyzer tool  

Operating System (OS)


Windows*/Linux* 64 bit support
Add-On Development Tools Intel FPGA SDK for OpenCL™
Intel HLS Compiler
DSP Builder for Intel FPGAs (4) (4) (4)
Nios® II Embedded Design Suite (3)
Intel SoC FPGA Embedded Development Suite


Fixed - $3,995

Float -  $4,995 

(Includes Standard Edition license)



Fixed - $2,995

Float -  $3,995


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  1. The only Arria II FPGA supported is the EP2AGX45 device.
  2. The Intel Cyclone 10 GX device support is available for free in the Pro Edition software. 
  3. Requires an additional license.
  4. Available for Intel Arria 10, Stratix V, Arria V, and Cyclone V devices.
  5. Available for Cyclone V and Stratix V devices only.
  6. Available for Stratix V, Arria V, and Cyclone V devices.

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