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Introduction to FPGA Acceleration for Software Programmers Using OpenCLTM 

In this training you will learn:

  • Ways that you can use OpenCL to target an FPGA to create custom accelerated systems with an average of one fifth the power of competing accelerators 
  • Trends that make FPGAs an important resource for accelerating software execution 
  • How OpenCL makes accelerations accessible to software developers 

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Hear What's Being Said About the Altera® SDK for OpenCLTM

Building Custom Platforms for Altera® SDK for OpenCLTM

Take this online training to:

  • Implement a Timing Close FPGA system including all the peripherals necessary to communicate with the host and memory
  • Understand all the feature requirements of that system
  • Implement an Altera SDK for OpenCL compatible software layer necessary to communicate with the accelerator board
  • Customize an OpenCL Reference Platform

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