With Altera's Soc Embedded Design Suite (SoC EDS), you get all the tools you need to work more productively, improve software quality, and ultimately get to market faster.

  • Leverage the power of ARM® Development Studio 5 (DS-5™) Altera Edition (AE) to code, build, debug, and optimize your application.
  • Expedite SoC embedded systems development with utility programs and run-time software
  • Jump start development with bare-metal and Linux application examples.

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ARM DS-5 AE Hardware Libraries Configuration Tools Examples

Powerful Eclipse IDE based on ARM DS-5 is power packed with features. Code, build, debug, and optimize in one IDE!


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Easy access to low-level hardware for configuration and control.

Altera-specific SoC configuration tools to improve productivity.


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U-Boot, Linux, and bare metal reference example to jump start your development.

FPGA-Adaptive Debug

FPGA-adaptive debug, Altera's only feature that gives a system-wide view of the SoC.

  • Cross-trigger between the HPS and the FPGA boundary with ease
  • Correlate FPGA and HPS events with high-resolution timestamps
  • Begin quick debugging with the low-cost USB-Blaster™ II

And, all this through one IDE.

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